Don’t stop practicing, you will get better

If your goal is to do a graphic novel – with some photorealism – then certainly, photographs are what you’d want to sketch from, and not from copying someone else’s sketches. Drawing from real life? I can’t do it well enough with any kind of speed.

numerous sketches

I’ve been letting the idea of storing these sketches online affect me in the way that I’m drawing them.

Practice consistently

starting with very basic outlines
I’m always looking for unusual angles in the figures that I draw for perspective’s sake.

Practice consistently and do it correctly. Never start with the head of a figure. Sometimes it’s better to start with a point of interest about the figure’s action.

More of the Human figure

It’s easy to become more appreciative of the human body in the aesthetic sense as you try drawing it. Some of these are examples from looking at a magazine for runners.

Hopefully 2019 will be a decent year

One of my New Years resolutions is to finish the next graphic novel this year. And who knows, maybe I’ll overcome my shyness enough to try marketing it. The shyness thing is a real problem for me.

Projects done after October 2018



  I practice my figure drawings as much as possible.  I’m extremely picky about the way my technical drafting of the human figure comes out for any graphic novel I’m doing.  This page  (above) took about an hour or so.  Below is a compilation of panels from different pages drawn on a Wacom tablet:

   All from the latest graphic novel I finished.