Natural folding in clothes

I drew all these from a Duluth Trading catalog. I consider it a challenge (sometimes) to get the clothing on a figure to look natural and add to the realism you might try to get in a drawing. Some of the pencil lines from the last drawing I did are showing faint lines in on this paper – (in case you’re seeing that).

Getting the hang of perspective

Some of this was from a Martial arts magazine I picked up. I thought it was useful to draw some of the fist vs face size differences in these figures. I actually used one of them in one of my graphic novels.

Still just maintaining the edge

This is more from a Mens Health magazine. I leave most of the sketch lines, ( in other words, I don’t erase any pencil marks here) to remind myself of the process I’m doing to begin a figure.

Drawing a figure upside-down

It’s common for me to just turn the sketchbook around to draw someone as they would be ‘right side up.’ Though it is a nice challenge for your skill set to draw human parts upside down to see if you’ve got a strong enough memory to do a good job at it.

Drawing a figure from the point of action

There are times that when you draw a figure and then it’s best to start with a point of action – such as catching a ball in motion. The figure most upper right is an example. I drew the ball first and then did his upper arms and hands, and then worked my way down. I also do this in my graphic novels sometimes.

Starting a figure…

You want to start with the chest cavity. Then begin with the shoulder areas. Sometimes you’re not drawing the chest area at all, (such as the top figure on the upper page here), then you’ll want to change your start point. For example with that particular figure I started with the left thigh.

I’m scared

I found out somewhat recently that I have pre-macular degeneration in one eye. I’m praying about that.

Sometimes it’s healthy to vent

I was complaining at my job one day last week, ( I was venting, my way of partly relieving stress), and my immediate supervisor snapped at me for it. Sometimes some of the people around you can’t handle listening to any complaints (or venting) at all.

The above sketch is different people pulled from a LIFE magazine about friendships.

…reading Gideon Falls, ( a graphic novel)

One thing I’m enjoying about this particular graphic novel is that the artwork is fantastic. I don’t read many of these (generally) because I want to see great artwork in something like that. I salute the artist(s) doing this one.