horses again

It can add some challenge to draw 2 figures together when you’re coordinating the size of each in their interaction together, ( a horse and rider, or the blacksmith here)

Another graphic novel

This is from the latest story that I’ve done. It completes a series involving an idol with an evil spirit living in it. But the idol is not the thing that’s chasing this man in this picture!

It’s loaded on Amazon. But to find it you’d have to type in Tyler’s Mission Darcy Bowen.

…it’s been a while

Having trouble with my storytelling….

This is a scene from Quinn’s Voodoo. I’m done with this story but I currently feel like my imagination took a hike for now and I’m having a little something like writer’s block with the current story I’m working on.

Natural folding in clothes

I drew all these from a Duluth Trading catalog. I consider it a challenge (sometimes) to get the clothing on a figure to look natural and add to the realism you might try to get in a drawing. Some of the pencil lines from the last drawing I did are showing faint lines in on this paper – (in case you’re seeing that).

Getting the hang of perspective

Some of this was from a Martial arts magazine I picked up. I thought it was useful to draw some of the fist vs face size differences in these figures. I actually used one of them in one of my graphic novels.