Starting a figure…

You want to start with the chest cavity. Then begin with the shoulder areas. Sometimes you’re not drawing the chest area at all, (such as the top figure on the upper page here), then you’ll want to change your start point. For example with that particular figure I started with the left thigh.

I’m scared

I found out somewhat recently that I have pre-macular degeneration in one eye. I’m praying about that.

Sometimes it’s healthy to vent

I was complaining at my job one day last week, ( I was venting, my way of partly relieving stress), and my immediate supervisor snapped at me for it. Sometimes some of the people around you can’t handle listening to any complaints (or venting) at all.

The above sketch is different people pulled from a LIFE magazine about friendships.

…reading Gideon Falls, ( a graphic novel)

One thing I’m enjoying about this particular graphic novel is that the artwork is fantastic. I don’t read many of these (generally) because I want to see great artwork in something like that. I salute the artist(s) doing this one.

I’m having something like an artist’s block

I’m in the midst of doing a graphic novel that features my main character having an out-of-body experience in which he encounters God. I’m having some trouble with my imagination giving me something I like visually. The above image is not related to any of that, it just shows a usual practice session.

Quite a hiatus.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve had a number of eye problems that have been resolved now ( I hope.) I’ve tried to revive my painting skills. This was a made up scene I’ve done in the mean time. Acrylic on board.

In the upper right corner is a figure – looks like a woman in a long dress – that ended up being there entirely by accident.

Maintain your edge once you’ve got it

You can make it a daily habit, (unless you’re working your ‘real’ job) – you’ll find it somewhat relaxing to draw people or animals you see in a magazine. Even if you find it difficult to sketch in realism.

Don’t stop practicing, you will get better

If your goal is to do a graphic novel – with some photorealism – then certainly, photographs are what you’d want to sketch from, and not from copying someone else’s sketches. Drawing from real life? I can’t do it well enough with any kind of speed.

numerous sketches

I’ve been letting the idea of storing these sketches online affect me in the way that I’m drawing them.